Experience the Adventures of the Andaman with Lynx Holidays

If you are a sea and adventure lover, then Andaman is the perfect tropical paradise for you. Just with a trip to the island, you can explore the beauty and mysteries underwater. Also, you need not have a master’s in swimming. All you need is a life jacket to dive into the sea and have an exciting experience. So, book your Andaman tour packages with Lynx Holidays today to experience an adventurous trip to Andaman.

Adventurous Things to do in Andaman

  1. Banana Boat rides

Experience the scenic beauty of Andaman by taking a fun Banana boat ride. With a maximum capacity of six, the banana-shaped boat will take you on a thrilling ride. Don’t hesitate to take the ride due to those topsy-turvy turns as it is perfectly safe, and you will be there with life jackets.

  1. Scuba diving

Nothing can be more adventurous than diving deep into the sea to experience the underwater’s calm and scenic beauty. There will be an instructor with you to guide you and look after your comfort and safety. Don’t forget to click pictures to make a photo book of your amazing truck.

  1. Glass bottom boating

This adventurous activity in Andaman is perfect for couples. You can enjoy this activity even with cheap honeymoon packages to Andaman. Once you have seen all the safety demonstration videos, you will be put in a fun and frolic glass boat ride. With the glass bottom present in the boat, you will be able to enjoy the ocean mysteries without even getting your toes wet. Don’t forget to keep your camera charged as the professional onboard will guide you and familiarize you with the various wonders of underwater.

  1. Parasailing

It is one of the most popular water sports activities suitable for non-swimmers. But stay alert; this water sport activity is going to give you a chill down your spine. In the activity, there is a designed canopy tied to the motorboat that will guide you through the winds and water at the same time. So, be prepared to soak yourself in the clear waters of the island and feel free like a bird while enjoying the amazing water activities.

  1. Underwater sea walking

If you wish to explore the amazing underwater world, you can go for the sea walking experience on the beautiful island of Andaman. With the help of an advisor and helmet, you can easily walk past the exotic underwater life and breathtaking coral reef.

Before you dive into the sea, the expert will guide you through the basic sign language, which will help you throughout your underwater journey. Make sure to capture the magical moment with your loved one while exploring the sea jewels.

  1. Snorkeling

With this water activity, you will feel like a fish in the clear and freshwater of Andaman. However, before you take your first swim, a professional will conduct a snorkeling session to guide you about the equipment and the methods.

With your masks and fins on when you take your first dive, the kaleidoscopic colors of underwater and the beauty will truly leave you mesmerized. Also, a guide will be there by your side to assist you throughout the journey. Bring on your adventure mode and dive into the sea to spend some time with colorful fishes underwater.

Book your Andaman Tour Package with Lynx Holidays

If you are prepared to dive into the adventurous world of Andaman, it is better that you connect with Lynx Holidays today to customize your family holiday packages in India and include everything you wish to enjoy on the island. The company will surely offer a great adventurous package to ensure all of your desires are well fulfilled.

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