River Rafting

With the water flowing all around you, a splash of water watering you and your mind and body pointing uncontrollably into the uncontrollable water of the river. just looking at this will surely draw you in with adrenaline.



Paragliding Home in India would you like to see Himachal Pradesh in a bird view? Then Bir Billing is where you go to! 15-30 minutes in the air is as close to heaven as one can get to earth. With dense forests and beautiful mountains, Bir Billing is the best paragliding destination in India.


Camel Safari

The Camel Safari concept is appealing to those who want to experience something new and different wherever they go! It is the best and most unique way to explore the arid deserts. Riding on a camel will take you through some of India’s most treasured deserts.


Mountain Biking

Biking in India has gained the attention of bikers and travellers alike. The Himalayan Range is a complete setup for this extreme journey that tests your resilience and provides a sense of belonging for the rest of your life. But at the same time, it is very dangerous and requires professional guidance at every step.



India is considered a hiking destination in the mountains as it offers many hiking opportunities in its various locations. The range of the Himalayan is a long stretch while its vast expanse is ideal for a hiking trail in India. All the various regions of India guarantee a unique experience.


Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air balloon is a flying activity of hot air balloons. Attractive features of the balloon include a special calm, a sense of movement, and a bird’s eye view. As the balloon moves in the direction of the winds, passengers do not feel completely no wind, except for a moment when the balloon goes up or down at different air currents or speeds.

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